Friday, November 6, 2009


Syukur Alhamdulillah. For a few years I have been wanting one of the most anticipated Transformers figures and today I have finally able to obtain it. The figure is none other than the heroic leader of the Autobots, OPTIMUS PRIME!

This is a Masterpiece design created by TakaraTomy from Japan. Everything on this figure is very detail and neatly designed. Part of it is die-cast metal which makes this figure heavy.

As you can see on the back of the box it shows the many functions and the detailing on this figure. I'm not gonna make a review on this figure as there are already a lot of reviews about it on many websites.

This is Optimus Prime himself. You may not realize how huge he is but if you hold him in person, you'll know how big, tall and heavy he is. Amazing how much effort they put into this figure to make it really look great. To show some comparison, here is a pic I took of all my Optimus Prime collection. You'll see how huge he is.

Anyway I'm very satisfied with this figure. It gives me the most satisfaction than all of my collection put together. Maybe later I'll take more pics of him. So till then, see ya.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Months Of No Updates.

It has been so long since I updated my blog. But for this entry I'm just gonna start with today's update. Not much really. I started my day with a little flu and coughing. Had some 'Nasi Lemak' for breakfast and I didn't have lunch. Just some bread with cheese spread. At about 11a.m I sent my sister to Mid-Valley. She had an outing with her friends.

I came back at spent most of the day watching E.R marathon. Nope, not on Hallmark or any Astro channels. I bought a box set of E.R. Currently I have season 7, 8 and 9 of the E.R television show. I finished two disc of season 9 today and that would be like 7 or 8 episodes with about 45 munites per epi. So you do the math how many hours all together. By the way I'm still coughing and have running nose. But not as bad as in the morning I think.

Come night time, I didn't really feel like having a dinner. So was thinking 'hmm..what to do'. Took out my camera and snap some photos. Below are the results:

Sort of a scene re-enactment from the Revenge Of The Fallen movie. The Forest Battle.

Megatron: Is the future of our race not worth a single human life?!
Optimus: You'll never stop at one. I'LL TAKE YOU ALL ON!!

Yeah..I'm a Transformers maniac. Anyway, that's it for today..well tonight. It's late and I think I'm gonna hit the bunk. Till next update...if I feel like it. See ya. Have a nice day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Linkin Park - New Divide (OST Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen)

It's a great song to me. Some people have been saying that LP is no longer great as before, lost their touch. The songs are no more incredible like the ones before. But to me, they're still kicking ass. They are still great. The songs may not be similar or the same genre as before but hey, at least they are trying new things. If it doesn't work in long term, they still Hybrid Theory and Meteora to save them. Nonetheless they still make great songs and music videos. This new music video has officially becomes my favourite as not only they are Linkin Park with a great song but also the song was made for the new Transformers movie! It's a great music video but sometimes dizzy to watch it. So here it is. Enjoy! : )

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just a Small Review

I'm just gonna do a small review on the new figure I got yesterday. It's the one of the hottest, most wanted Transformers toys currently, the Revenge of The Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime! :-)

This is the truck mode. There truck is much better than the previous version of him. It's much more accurate to the movie. One thing here they would've made the windows and windscreen tinted so that the gears wont be visible as you can see.

Here he is in robot mode. Just by looking at him you can tell that he is an awesome figure! He is much more accurate to his on screen character. The articulation on him is good. He is pretty stable for a big size toy. The transformation from truck to robot was pretty advance and hard. I can't imagine a four or five year old kid would be able to try transform this guy by himself. I myself took about almost an hour just trying to figure out how to transform this guy for the first time. Even with instruction. But nonetheless with that difficulty of transforming reveals a cool robot mode.

Here he is with his 2007 movie counterpart. As you can see the new Prime is much bigger and taller than his old version. But both figures are great. That's it for a very small review. See ya.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Toys R Us Launches Revenge of The Fallen Figures!

I'm a Star Card member of Toys R Us and I received an email from TRU about the launching of the new Transformers movie figures today. Star Card members will get some gifts with the purchase of some toys. Being a big, biG, bIG, BIG fan I am, I would not miss this opportunity to go and get myself some new Transformers figures.

The launching event starts at 8.30 am. I figured at that early, not many people would go at the start of the launch. At least not the small children. So I went to TRU Subang Parade with my sister and reached there about 9.00 am. I was DEAD WRONG! As I entered the parking place I already saw several people about to go home with big TRU plastic bags filled with many, many Transformers figures! At that time I was afraid that the ones that I wanted will be long gone. Got into Subang Parade and head straight towards TRU and there it was, crowded with people grabbing the toys. As I suspected, the ones that I want were no longer on the shelves. The ones that I wanted were the ones must have or most wanted. Seeing that those figures were no longer on the shelves, I took two figures that were my second choices. Even those were left little on the shelves. After holding those two in hands, I waited in case the staff would bring out more figures and possibly the ones I want.

While waiting suddenly I saw one of the figures I wanted sitting on the shelf. Probably someone put it back. No one was going to take it so I quickly grab it and hooray, got one of two. I waited some more and hoping that someone would put back the other figure on the shelf so I could purchase it. And yes, my wish came through. Thanx to my sister for seeing this one guy about to put back the figure that I wanted. Before he got to put it I quickly asked him is he putting the figure back and he said yes. So I immediately asked him to give it to me. And yeay, he gave it to me and even polite enough to offer me the other toy he was about to place it back on the shelf but it was the one that I already have in hand. So the two figures I really wanted are in my hands. I only have the budget to purchase three figures so I had to put back one of them. The one that I returned I'm sure will still be available. At first I thought of only getting two figures, but since I had a budget that's enough for three then I thought might as well purchase three figures. And so I did.

So here are the three figures that I got:

Top: Sideswipe. Bottom: Sideways, Rampage

Rampage (Decepticon). Bulldozer.

Sideways (Decepticon). Audi R8

Sideswipe (Autobot). Concept Corvette.

Overall I'm pretty happy with these three figures. More addition to my collection. :)

P/S: Can't wait for the movie to see these guys in action. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day. My dad decided that the whole family should go out and have lunch together. My sister has been wanting to eat Dim Sum for quite sometime so my dad made a reservation at Quality Hotel at Jalan Raja Laut (opposite Pertama Complex). At around 12.30pm we left home and head for the hotel. The name of the restaurant at the hotel is Meisan Szechuan Restaurant. It was a buffet lunch. I forgot to ask my dad how much is it per person. So since it was buffet, we can take as many Dim Sum as we want. Here are some pics:

Some of the Dim Sum we took. There were more but these were the first batch. :)

My beloved family! And my sister enjoying her moment of eating!

Here's me enjoying my food. :)

Overall it's not the best I had but when you haven't had something you like for so long, the food were definitely delicious. We didn't spend much time there. We arrive at about 1pm and left around 2.15. So that was our activity today for Mother's Day. My dad 'belanja' us today.

Other than that I got myself a glass cabinet today at Ikea. The glass cabinet is for displaying my Transformers figures as I have really run out of space to display them in my room. When we got back from lunch (got the cabinet before went to lunch), I spend the whole afternoon assembling the cabinet with the help of my sister. After finished assembling immediately I re-arrange the figures and below is the result.

The glass cabinet. Before.


So there it was for today. Happy Mother's Day mama. And to all mother's in the world. They are the ones with most sacrifices in their lives compares to other people to ensure their children, us, to be safe and happy as long as they lived. I'm sure everyone agrees with me. That is why 'Syurga terletak di bawah telapak kaki ibu'. Love you mama. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

As Per Requested

Ok. Here it is. Some of you asked me to post and show my Tissot watch. So here are a couple of pics. I'm not 'menunjuk-nunjuk' ok. You asked for the pictures.

Here's the watch. :)

Here are the books the came together in the set. :)

So, there you have it. My Tissot Chronograph. :)
How do you all find it? :)