Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just a Small Review

I'm just gonna do a small review on the new figure I got yesterday. It's the one of the hottest, most wanted Transformers toys currently, the Revenge of The Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime! :-)

This is the truck mode. There truck is much better than the previous version of him. It's much more accurate to the movie. One thing here they would've made the windows and windscreen tinted so that the gears wont be visible as you can see.

Here he is in robot mode. Just by looking at him you can tell that he is an awesome figure! He is much more accurate to his on screen character. The articulation on him is good. He is pretty stable for a big size toy. The transformation from truck to robot was pretty advance and hard. I can't imagine a four or five year old kid would be able to try transform this guy by himself. I myself took about almost an hour just trying to figure out how to transform this guy for the first time. Even with instruction. But nonetheless with that difficulty of transforming reveals a cool robot mode.

Here he is with his 2007 movie counterpart. As you can see the new Prime is much bigger and taller than his old version. But both figures are great. That's it for a very small review. See ya.

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