Thursday, March 12, 2009

Congratulation to My Little Sis!

As everyone knows today is the release of SPM results. My younger sister took her SPM last year. Today was a very important day to her. She has been restless for the past few days waiting for the results. And so today she got it. Congratulation to her! She got 9As and 1B! Even though it is not straight As but this is already good enough. I'm very proud of her. She worked hard and smart for the past two years and it pays off.

My result was nowhere near hers. She is definitely the better of us two..huhu. Hehe. Anyway again I'll say I'm very proud of her. So from here she must decide what exactly that she wants to do. Be it medic, engineering, etc but it must be the one that she really wants and likes to do.

Again, CONGRATULATION sis!! :)


  1. wah!!!..say congrats kt dia jugak!!!!!..
    hebat2!!!!!...mira nye result not dat good..dia demam teruk spjg exam. ksian dia nngis..huhu..

  2. okay!
    oh ye ke? kesian mira.
    mcm mane dia? adik aku pon tanye dia mcm mane.

  3. feez....pls congratulate ur sis for me k...

  4. mira ok la..lepas smua. but xde A..byk B je..xpe la kan..nak wat cmne kalo dah sakit..huhu

  5. shaz: sure thing, i'll let her know

    zul: i see, tu la wrong timing, takpe la, pk ape nk buat plak lpas ni