Saturday, March 14, 2009

End of (Birth)Day.

So it is the end of 14th March. Like most things, my birthday comes to an end. So the so called 'my day' is no more. But it was no different than any other day anyway. Didn't go out to celebrate or anything. My parents went back to Kelantan. So I just spent most of the day at home.

Woke up in the morning and had to fetch my maid from Kg. Kayu Ara as always on Saturday. While at home had to take care some stuff to like the pest control came over today and deal with the workers who are renovating my house. Then some time around 3 Hafiz came to my house. He really wanted to play the game Guitar Hero. So we played the game for like almost 2 hours like that. He was so excited. He played the game until he cant hold the guitar anymore. Haha.

And then we switch from playing Guitar Hero to Gears of War 2. Hehe. This time we were like trash talking, fighting, shooting Locusts (the alien race that we had to battle in the game). Hehe. This indeed is an excellent game. It's not just game where you played blindly. It has a great stroyline, great characters, strong events that'll put you at the edge of your seat. It seems like you're watching a movie and be in it at the same time. Interactive movie game. Hehe. Now it makes me want to play Halo 3 more. Gears of War 2 is great and I hope I can find Gears of War 1 because the GoW 2 is a sequel to GoW 1. And by next year there will be GoW 3. The story still has not end yet.

We played the game until around 8 sumthing and then we head to watched Man U against Liverpool. This match has been one of the most shocking match. Sure many predicted that Man U would win but Liverpool has been in great form. So I thought that Liverpool also has as many chance of winning as Man U (I'm on neither side of these teams). And so the worse has happen to Man U. Liverpool did win. Not only Liverpool won, but they trashed Man U 4 goals to 1. Not to say that Man U played very badly but it was one of the worst. Man U goalkeeper Van Der Sar did not seem to be focusing right in this match. There were 2 goals conceded that he only stood by and watched. To make things worse, Man U was trashed at its home stadium at Old Trafford.

And so that's it. The game ended at around 10.45 and I came back home straight. Took my shower and here I am posting in the blog. That's pretty much how I spent my birthday today. Yeah I know to some people this seems to be a very lame and boring way to spend a birthday. Well, that's it for how I spend my birthday. Take care everyone. Thanx very much to everyone for the wishes.

Until next time, see ya.


  1. hehehehe....yeah!!loverpool rocks!..
    ngeh2... hey if im in msia sure dah ajak ko kuar lepak tgk wyg ke ape ke!hehehe

  2. weh, ape daa loverpool.
    tau la ko tgh lovey lovey skang.
    trus liverpool jadi loverpool laa??

  3. ahahahahhahahah...

    ps:cis..perli aku..but in love~ahahaha

  4. haa tau pon
    sume benda pon nk bunyi lovey lovey skang.
    aku rase org lain mesti agree ngan aku. haa.

  5. mana ade smua~~~~...cis..pentipu..hehe..
    aku rindu ko sial..

  6. where got pentipu.
    tgk la nanti. sume pon bunyi mcm tu. haha.

  7. xde2... kite tgk nnti..huhu
    skali salah taip..kna perli seumur idup..haha

  8. ZulAzurin: take care
    ZulAzurin: say yes to loverpool
    ZulAzurin: salah tulis lg
    ZulAzurin: damn
    ZulAzurin: liverpool!

    above was what she typed bfor at ym and was what exactly I mean about zul. everything will be sound like lovey2 to her. hehe. this proves my point.

  9. omg!!!!!!!!!!!

    %*&%*&$&^(&$$%&*(%*^#%&#^%I&<--- ngamuk bahasa alien