Monday, January 12, 2009

First Post!

Hello to all. Finally decided to create a blog after thinking many times but never initiate it. Since I already created it so I guess I'll start blogging.

The title 'Minutes In Life'. Why i chose this simply because every minute in our life counts. In fact every second counts. But seconds are too fast so I decided to go with minutes. Posting in this blog may not be regular and constant. Depends on my mood and if there's anything interesting to post. Everyday is about the same for me. I'm not that outgoing and adventurous so mostly it would be like eat, sleep, watching TV and what not.

So let's start. As of now I am unofficially finished with my studies in university. It'll be official when the exam results are out. If I pass everything then I have graduated. If not then, well u know. Results will come out in 2 - 3 weeks time. I will have to start looking for a job now but I have no idea where to start. Most of my friends have started working already. I'll just see how this will go.

On another topic, today my family and I (minus my sis) had lunch at Palm Garden. The one beside IOI Resort at Seri Kembangan/Putrajaya. We reached there around almost 2 o'clock. There was a birthday party for my cousin's two year old daughter. It was held at the restaurant there. As usual hotel food served buffet style. The food/desserts were not bad (for me at least). There were a lot of kinds such as Chicken Rice, Lasagna, Pasta, Cold Platter (kinda like Sashimi), Satay, Roast Lamb, Bread Pudding, Ice creams and cakes. I didn't know what's the cost per person but since my cousin's husband is paying for everyone so I just stuffed myself. Hehe. I didn't eat everything there but I tried most of it with small portion each. At about 3 sumthing we came back home. While relaxing at home I watched two episodes of Law & Order in my laptop. The episodes are from the latest season of the TV series. Speaking of TV series I like mostly the investigation type. So u can guess what TV series I like to watch. CSI, CSI:NY, Numb3rs, House (medical investigation), ER, Midsomer Murders. I also enjoy watching sitcoms.

My alltime favourite sitcom, like many other people, is FRIENDS. To me this is one sitcom that feels natural. Six bestfriends hanging out and going through ups and downs in everyday life together. It portrayed scenarios like any other people go through in their lives everyday. Other sitcoms are funny too but the funny bit doesn't seem natural and sometimes the bits are acted a little too much. Nonetheless I still enjoy watching other sitcoms.

Well I'll stop here for now. I'll probably post again tomorrow. See ya.


  1. Wah, mamat ni dh ade blog siawl!!! syabas la, dude!

  2. i tot u suke pi mai pi mai tang tu

  3. suka jugak
    that was back then
    lame dh tk tgk