Thursday, January 15, 2009

Teh Tarik Place; New Figures.

Today woke up around 8 sumthing (like always). Brushed my teeth then had to wash my cat house. After that had shower and ready to send my cousin to One Utama. My sis n cousin working at Adidas rite now while waiting for their SPM result. Today was my sis's day off so after sending my cousin we walked around a lil bit before my sis went to watch a movie with her friend.

Before my cousin started her work we had breakfast at this place called Teh Tarik Place. Here's a little review. Supposedly this is a new food outlet that sells mamak food with a little modern setting. If you ask me I'm not really fond of this outlet. Not that I'm condemning this shop or anything but for mamak food might as well go to a real mamak outlet. The price range is kinda a little bit over priced for mamak food. A plate of Maggi Goreng here cost RM5.90 which for the same dish at normal mamak store would cost RM3 or RM3.50. I didn't order it by the way. My sister ordered Mee Goreng which also cost the same as Maggi Goreng and my cousin ordered 'roti telur' which I think cost about RM1.80. I ordered 'teh tarik' which cost RM1.30. Plus they also have a 5% govt. tax. I'm not brainwashing anyone to not to go have meal there. This is just my opinion. To me it is not that worth it to have mamak food style at Teh Tarik Place. Well we can't really blame the food being a bit over priced because with modern style setting, renting in One Utama, it's reasonable for them to set the price range. But for me, I would just rather go to a normal mamak store. If you are curious, just go and have a try and then you be the judge. If you like it then good for you. :) That's it for a small review of Teh Tarik Place.

On my way back I stopped by Subang Parade and went to Toys'R'Us. Hoping to find that some new Transformers figures have arrived. Lucky me there are some new figures arrived and what I wanted. So I picked up two new figures. Hehe. After I make my purchase I immediately went straight home. At around 3 sumthing went to pick my sister from One Utama and came straight home. After that just stayed home and relax, watched TV and now here I am updating my blog.

So till next time, see ya.

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