Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Watch for Me! :D

When I woke up today I have no plans at all for today. Thinking probably it will be just like any other weekend. After bathing and had breakfast, I'm ready to send my sis to work but then my mom said she wanted to go to KlCC to buy her cosmetic stuffs. A lot she said. She wanted to go to Isetan because we will get vouchers when purchasing cosmetics and fragrances. Spend RM100 will entitle to a RM10 cash voucher. After sending my sis to work we head off to Suria KLCC. My mom said that she could spend up to RM1,000 for her cosmetics this time. I was looking forward for the cash vouchers so that I could spend it on some Transformers :P

After spending about an hour or so at the cosmetic section, the total bill came out to around RM2,900 which entitled us to a RM290 cash vouchers. After redeeming the vouchers, my mom said that why not use it to buy the Tissot watch that I had been wanting since last year. So we went up to 1st or 2nd floor (couldn't recall) and looked at the watches. There's a 10% discount on any Tissot watches. With the discount and cash vouchers that we had, my mom said take this advantage ad purchase the Tissot. And so we did. Yeay! Alhamdulillah, I have a Tissot watch. This could be my forever life-time watch. I never thought that she would actually buy an expensive watch for me after all and lots of things that she had spent on and for me. I'm so grateful to my mom. Thank you mama!

The box.

Until next time, see ya!


1. I'm very grateful to my mom.

2. There will be no birthday present from my mom this year. This considers as it.

3. This goes to all of us. No matter how annoying, strict our parents can be, they will always love us and they will do anything to keep us safe and happy. Be grateful to them and pray for them always. Keep that in mind.

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  1. pergh!!!!!!! dapat Tissot sial!.. happy for u!