Monday, May 4, 2009

Been Awhile, 'Cukur Jambul', Engagement and Wolverine

It's been quite a long time since the last time I blog. I have no mood at all to blog since a certain 'incident' took place about a month ago. Those of you who know then you know what I'm talking about. Not many of you know, only some. I'm still struggling with that..hmm...Anyway I'm starting to blogging again now, little by little and try to distract myself. There are gonna be three sections I'm gonna be writing here. Let's start with the first one.

Last Saturday was my cousin's son 'cukur jambul' ceremony (I'm not sure what the english term for 'cukur jambul'). My family and I went to my uncle's house around 3 sumthing however the ceremony started late in the afternoon at around 5.30p.m. Several people from the mosque came to my cousin's house. This was not my first 'cukur jambul' ceremony I went but it was the first time that I actually cut a few of the baby's hair :) . My uncle ordered three roast lamb as the main feast. It was delicious. Aside from that there were some 'pulut kuning', 'rendang', 'kuih-muih'. After all that we came back home at around eight sumthing.

Here's me making faces at the baby. huhu.

Here's me cutting a few of the baby's hair :) [my hands a bit shakey; afraid that I'd accidentally hurt the baby]

Next on Sunday was my other cousin's engagement. The day before and two days earlier I was busy cleaning up the house, moving some furnitures around and more. Some of my relatives came from Kelantan for the engagement. This cousin of mine is the closest I have as my big sister. She's the daughter of my mom's immediate sister so we are close. There were a lot of stuff to do to make sure the house looks nice especially there are some renovations being done to the house. A lot of dirt and dust around. So last weekend was a bit tired for me. The engagement went quite alright except there was an incident where there wasn't enough rice for the guests. So my cousin and I had to go to the mamak stall and buy about 20 packets of plain rice. This happened probably because the guests came more than mentioned. However there were still a lot of leftovers and we asked our relatives to bring home some of the food. The engagement ceremony ended at around three sumthing and all of us were very tired and slept the rest of the afternoon. After done resting, again had to rearrange the furnitures and clean up the house. It took almost the whole night. Later at night we started opening the 'hantaran' from the guy's side and went to bed.

Here's my Kak Long :)

My big sister and me :) but she's smaller than me. Get it? Ehehe.

Now for today. Early in the morning I had to wake up and send my grandfather to my uncle's house at Desapark City. From there my grandfather went back to Kelantan with my other two other uncles and auntie. Then came back and decided with my sister and my cousin (Kak Long's sister) to go and watch Wolverine. I decided to watch it at Times Square so that I could stop by at my favourite store; Graffiti Toys so that I could survey the Transformers figures. The movie was at 12.40 p.m so we left around 11 sumthing. We bought our tickets and while waiting, went to the toy store. After about 20 mins going up and down the aisle, looking and thinking and finally this was the one I decided on:
This is Ratchet. He is the medical officer for the Autobots (buat2 la paham ye)

After that it's nearly 12.30 so we went down to the cinema for the movie. The movie was ok. One of the best movie I've seen yet for this year (of course soon the best movie for me will be Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen! Can't wait for the movie). Anyway for Wolverine, Hugh Jackman potrayed the character nicely. He really showed the character's nature. Another two characters in the movie that have become the talk among fans were Gambit (that didn't make it in the X-Men trilogy) and Wade Wilson a.k.a Deadpool (towards the end of the movie). Gambit has been well known by anyone but Deadpool might not be as popular and known unless you're a big fan of Marvel comics characters. I know the character Deadpool but I didn't recognize him in the movie (I'm not a big fan. I prefer DC comics that creates Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, etc). However there were many changes made to the characters and the storyline. Some die hard fans might not be pleased but for me it was an entertaining movie. We ate 1901's while watching the movie as we haven't eat anything yet before the movie. After the movie we came back home, rest, watched some tv and here I am blogging.

So all and all last weekend was tiring for me. Well that's it for now. Hopefully after this I will continue blogging almost regularly. I'll try.

I'm suppose to be in the cardboard picture as well but they cut me out. Huhuhu. Eheh.

I know it's not related to Wolverine but how can I not take a picture with these guys right?! :)
(u ppl know how crazy I am about these guys). Can't wait for this movie! It will be HUGE!!!


  1. the engagement tuh buat kat ur house ke?

  2. yeah. buat at my house. sbab ramai org nk dtg. yg the guy's side tu. mcm nk nikah trus. haih.

  3. Ahahaha...tu yg smpi xcukup nasik tu kan?? Tapi rasa nya..nasik xcukup bkn sbb org dtg raai..mesti pasal lauk sedap...hehehhe

  4. hehe..lauk sedap la jugak..masa nasi tak cukup tu ramai lg yg still tak sbab ramai org jugak la..

  5. huuhhuhuuh.

    im kecik than coz i maintain young.