Thursday, May 7, 2009

Been Spending a Lot!! Stop Me!!

Here's a coverage on the past two days. I have been spending a lot on Transformers for the last couple of days. I bought one figure per day for two days straight. Three days if u include Monday. It might not seem a lot just one figure per purchase but for three days straight and each costs above 50 bucks, that's too much.

On Tuesday I sent my sister for her facial appointment at New York Skin Care in Subang Parade. I stop by Toys'R'Us just to look for anything new (Transformers figures). Nothing there so I went to Parkson. There were some new figures on the shelves. So I took one.

This guy here is called Dinobot. He is bad fellow.

Velociraptor mode. Courtesy of watching Jurassic Park.

Then yesterday. My sister and her friend decided to hang out at Sunway Pyramid. So I sent her there. As usual, I would go and check some figures at several stores namely Dreamztoy, Animetech and Parkson. At Dreamztoy, there it was another figure that I wanted. So without
thinking, I just purchased it.

This guy's name is Hot Shot. The little guy is Jolt.

Cool car mode.

I don't know what came over me on past couple of days. Maybe I'm just in the mood of buying Transformers to add to my collection. Maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better. I guess I didn't realize I spent that much. Somebody stop me.

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