Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day. My dad decided that the whole family should go out and have lunch together. My sister has been wanting to eat Dim Sum for quite sometime so my dad made a reservation at Quality Hotel at Jalan Raja Laut (opposite Pertama Complex). At around 12.30pm we left home and head for the hotel. The name of the restaurant at the hotel is Meisan Szechuan Restaurant. It was a buffet lunch. I forgot to ask my dad how much is it per person. So since it was buffet, we can take as many Dim Sum as we want. Here are some pics:

Some of the Dim Sum we took. There were more but these were the first batch. :)

My beloved family! And my sister enjoying her moment of eating!

Here's me enjoying my food. :)

Overall it's not the best I had but when you haven't had something you like for so long, the food were definitely delicious. We didn't spend much time there. We arrive at about 1pm and left around 2.15. So that was our activity today for Mother's Day. My dad 'belanja' us today.

Other than that I got myself a glass cabinet today at Ikea. The glass cabinet is for displaying my Transformers figures as I have really run out of space to display them in my room. When we got back from lunch (got the cabinet before went to lunch), I spend the whole afternoon assembling the cabinet with the help of my sister. After finished assembling immediately I re-arrange the figures and below is the result.

The glass cabinet. Before.


So there it was for today. Happy Mother's Day mama. And to all mother's in the world. They are the ones with most sacrifices in their lives compares to other people to ensure their children, us, to be safe and happy as long as they lived. I'm sure everyone agrees with me. That is why 'Syurga terletak di bawah telapak kaki ibu'. Love you mama. :)


  1. omg!cntik ok..siap ade display cabinet lgggg

  2. huhu. wah.. at last u've got ikea's cabinet! :P i ingat u tengok je kat ikea kat arituh..u beli tros.haha.kewl! your so called gf(transformers) dapat umah baru..yeay! :)Happy mother's day too.

  3. zul: dh lama dh aku nk cabinet mcm ni..huhu

    fann: takde la sume dpt umah baru, tak muat la sume skali..huhu..thanks kat u jugak..hehe..if tak masuk ikea ari tu takde la i tau about cabinet nih..hehe..thanx..